How to finish and fry an arancino

How to finish and fry an arancino

Battering and breading

The finishing touch

One of the things people love best about arancine is their delicious outer crust, which is achieved by first dipping them in a thick batter and then coating them in breadcrumbs.

There are also, as with any traditional recipe worthy of the name, different schools of thought regarding the batter. Some use only flour and water, some dip their arancine in beaten eggs, and others still, after having chilled them and ensured they are firmly packed, simply roll them in breadcrumbs.

We recommend a batter “fortified” with an egg, which enhances its ability to bind and gives it more crunchiness.

Pass the arancini in the batter and breadcrumbs as follows:

  • Put the flour in a bowl
  • Add the egg and the water and mix it together well using a whisk
  • When the batter is smooth and thick, coat the arancini by rolling them in it
  • Once they are coated in the batter, roll them in the breadcrumbs


The last step to obtaining perfect arancine, but not the least important, is the frying. A well-fried arancina should be light and crunchy, without that annoying “greasy effect” that can make fried foods heavy and less appetising.

The oil

The primary critical factor that determines the quality of a fried food is the oil.

The ideal frying temperature is 190°C, but most vegetable oils have a lower smoke point (in other words, they “burn” at temperatures of less than 190°C. They are therefore not very healthy because, if they are heated to too high of a temperature, they produce toxins).

The only oils suitable for use at such high temperatures are peanut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and palm oil.

The temperature

Whether you choose to use a frying pan or a deep fryer, it is important that the oil be very hot, otherwise it will penetrate the fabric of the arancini, causing them to split apart and making them less flavourful.

If using a deep fryer, set it to 190°C and wait until the oil has reached the desired temperature.

If using a pan, you will have to use the “bread crumb test”: if a bread crumb sizzles when you drop it into the oil, then the oil is ready for frying.

To prevent the temperature of the oil from falling too low, it is important that you not put in too many arancini to fry at once.

If using a pan, be sure to lower the heat when the oil becomes too hot, so as to prevent it from producing toxins.

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