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  • - (the site where you are)
  • - Facebook page Arancinotto
  • - (SLIM models only)
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  • - Amazon (only vendors, cgn-lab srls, Dmail)


  • - Kasanova Plus Italian shops (find the nearest to you on
  • - 3G Autos, Taormina (SLIM models only)
  • - Peroni snc, Rome - Piazza dell'Unità 29, 00192 (SLIM models only).
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  • - Swiss Store Catania - Armeria Gino & C. Via Pacini 71, 95129
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  • - Ice-cream cloud & Sweets - 4712 Hastings St, Burnaby , BC V5C 2K8 ( CANADA )

Why we recommend ordering online

  • Why you receive the arancinotti directly at home within 1-4 days and you do not have to worry in case of loss of the package;
  • Because payment is quick and secure;
  • Because if you buy through the website of an authorized retailer, you do not risk getting fooled by those who sell them for counterfeit molds.

Do you want to sell the arancinotto?

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Safety first of all

We are the inventors and producers of the Arancinotto.

If you find lower prices on the internet it means that they are trying to send you a counterfeit product, often posing it as original. Do not be fooled and always choose legality and security.

We produce in Sicily, we pay taxes in Italy and certify for food use all our products.

Therefore, be sure to purchase via authorized channels.
On the left (bottom if you are using mobile devices) you will find an updated list of these dealers.

We are committed to ensuring that prices are always in line.

All the shops (online and offline) that are not on the list are 99% NON-licensed and therefore sell an illegal counterfeit product (also on ebay, etc.).