The arancini from 30 to 80 grams are ideal for starters, aperitives and buffets.

Recommended sweet or classic recipes.

For this kind of arancini we have only professional arancinotti (PRO) with the expception of the 80 gram version: in this case, you can choose between the "home version" (SLIM) and the Professional one (PRO).

The grammes from 100 grams to 140 grams are slightly more small compared to the standard, so to be satisfied you have to compensate with the quantity!

Any recipe is fine for this size of arancino!

To make arancini of 100, 120 or 140 grams we have  professional arancinotti (PRO).

The 160 grams arancino is the standard for home use. It is the most used for lunches and dinners at home, but these are smaller arancini than those usually you can find in Sicilian Takeaways.

Any recipe is suitable for this grammage!

We have 2 Slim Arancinotti for 160 grams arancini (pointed and rounded arancini), so if you prefer this size, you can choose between PRO and SLIM models.

The grammes from 190 grams to 250 grams are the most required by professionals of the sector (bars, delis, laboratories), and represent the classic arancino of Sicilian rosticceria.

Recommended salty recipes.

The 200-230 gram arancini are the standard for professionals, so we have only professional arancinotti for these sizes.

The pointed (conical) arancino is typically used when stuffed with ragù or peas and ragù. It is the arancino of Catania and its surrounding areas. It is the classic "Arancino" (male).

The rounded arancina (this time female) is typical of western Sicily (Palermo area). Often these arancine are really big, up to 250 grams. It is usually chosen for those arancine which are going to be stuffed with tomato and vegetables or with ragù.

The oval Arancinotto is usually chosen when the arancino is going to be stuffed with béchamel-based sauces to which it is possible to add mushrooms or spinach. In some areas of Italy, the oval arancino is better called "Supplì", and the recipe is a bit different.

Arancinotti are available for many other shapes: diamond, high-point, timbale and CUBIC ! This is not classic arancino, but a great way to be original and to amaze!

In general, the takeaways that offer differents kind of arancino (different recipes), take advantage of these forms to help customers to distinguish a taste from others.

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