Arancinotto, the arancini maker

Arancinotto is the first and only arancini and arancine patented and produced entirely in Sicily.

It arises from the need to speed up and improve the preparation of Sicilian arancini, both for home use and for professional use.

The arancinotto allows you to make Sicilian arancini, perfect both in shape and in thought in a few seconds and without weighing the rice, obtaining a final craft product.

For home or professional use?

There are two types of Arancinotto: "PRO" for professional use and "SLIM" for home use.

Let's find out the differences and how they work!

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Arancinotto SLIM

The SLIM Arancinotto is a Arancini Maker designed for home use and is therefore lighter and affordable for everyone. It is made in series, so the price is lower than professional models.

The slim arancinotto, certified for food use and produced in Sicily, is available in 3 models:


- 160 grams, pointed arancini;

- 80 grams, pointed arancini;

- 160 grams, rounded arancini;

- 80 grams, rounedd arancini.


Attention to counterfeiting! Make sure you buy the real arancinotto arancini mold through authorized dealers or on the site where you are now. The SLIM arancinotto is not sold at flea markets or fairs.

Arancinotto PRO

The Arancinotto PRO (professional) is a Arancini Maker handcrafted, very robust and suitable for frequent use, such as in laboratories and restaurants.


It is available in more than 40 models (different shapes and weights) to best fit your needs. These are practically indestructible molds.


The professional arancinotto is preferred by professionals, or by those who produce arancini \ and for sale to the public. The price of the mold, in fact, is usually repaid within a few minutes considering that this dish can have a retail price ranging from € 1 to € 5 and that is in great demand and appreciated all over the world. Why all these different shapes and weights? In this way, Arancinotto PRO adapts to every need (from mignon to large Palermo arancine) and also allows you to show off arancini and arancine of different tastes easily distinguishable from each other. At the bottom of this page you will find the table with all the available versions.

Many of our customers have chosen the professional version also for home use.

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